Only, can I really call it procrastination when I keep thinking things are due next week that aren’t actually due for another two weeks? It was kinda cool because I worked frantically to get them done only to find out that I didn’t have to be so frantic. Actually, this new habit could be good for a person. It’s almost like being totally calendar responsible and getting things done in a timely fashion (a trait I’ve always wished to perfect but as yet seems to allude me in about 60% of the cases).

This session which started so abruptly is almost over. 2 weeks and 2 days until finals. A fair few projects and a few exams still to go. Yet time marches on! Closer and closer graduation looms and I….CAN’T….WAIT! I’d dance and sing and cause a ruckus but I don’t want to disturb the good neighbors downstairs.

In the knitting front, and totally appropriate for my procrastination style, I’m knitting a baby blanket for a baby who’s due date is less than 2 weeks away. Can we say that it is unlikely this baby will be coming home in this blanket? I think so. Mom loves the colors and totally understands how school could overwhelm knitting.

The Baby shower for said baby was a good bit of fun and chaos as any house where 3 3-year-olds are playing together will be. The kids were a trip. First there were Momma’s little helpers and then there was Dr. Benjamin. I’m continually amazed by how intelligent kids are. We don’t nearly give them enough credit. Well, by “we” of course I mean those of us without kids (which, as an aside, Ryan’s lil’sis will be falling out of the ranks of that club! woo-hoo!). Parents I’m sure are used to the amazingly creative shenanigans kiddos come up with.

That’s all for me. Back to work I go but I hope all of you are well and dry and warm and safe from the weather that has hit us recently.