I must admit it, although a point of angst, the amount of moisture INSIDE my car is also a point of humor. I must be nearly (there are other Neon owners out there I’m sure) the only person who not only has to scrape the outside of their car before they zip off on their way but the INSIDE as well. Just snatch a shot of me right after I get into the car…it looks like a small flurry sprang through. I know my car has become its own ecosystem but it’s own weather system too? I’d fly for that if it meant a nice tropical breeze when it’s single digits outside. As it is only a compounded cold weather problem in which I still don’t have the opportunity to go skiing…it’s not so nice.

In knitting news I’m working on my first sweater. It’s a shrug, but the first thing that I’m going to have to really piece together. It’s the silk shrug from Classic Knits by Erika Knight. Here’s the progress so far: Worked the back, perfect. Started working the front left piece and I swear the pattern is written wrong, dang poor editing skills if you ask me, but I worked a fix and finished it. Started the front right piece and as I progressed I came to realize that knitting at school isn’t a good idea. Not if you have to pay attention because then you miss, like, one itsy bitsy little line of instruction and although when you hold the two pieces together there isn’t really a visible difference, I can see it. I can FEEL it. It haunts me like Poe’s tell-tale heart and thus…I frogged it. Frogged it back and wound the yarn back up into a ball. Sadness. Theoretically that ball might be enough to knit it up again following the ACTUAL editor approved pattern without having to add another ball. And apparently, those people (aka “editors”) are paid to do a job for a reason and they do do their job. I am just apparently illiterate. Ya vol.

Ribbit. VA