15 weeks of class.  16 calendar weeks (gotta love Spring Break).

Where did Winter Break zoom on by?  I’m supposed to feel rested.  They promised me restedness at orientation after Winter Break.  I think there actual words were, “You’ll start this program with your hair and nails looking fabulous.  By Winter Break you’ll be lucky if you aren’t wearing the pj’s you went to sleep in.  However, after Winter Break your hair will gather a new gleam, the sparkle will return to your eyes and you’ll frolic on through to graduation.”  I am NOT currently frolicking.  Nor is my hair gleaming and Ryan informs me that that sparkle you see in my eye isn’t the happy kinda sparkle.  It’s a run-for-cover kinda sparkle.  But I digress…
I can’t complain.  Honestly I can’t, because it could be worse.  I got the clinical instructor I wanted for critical care and I got the clinical site I wanted, University Hospital.  So I’ll be able to understand my instructor and see a lot of very interesting patients.  So really, I just need to get out of relaxation mode and back into work mode.  Life is good.

Cheers matey,