Matt and Amy are right now being driven to the airport to begin their adventure and well deserved vacation.

Luckily for Ryan and I they are flying out of and back into our little corner of the world so we get the honor of seeing them off and welcoming them back. They arrived here a couple of days ago and yesturday was full of making sure the t’s were crossed and the i’s dotted. Which, of course, invovles repacking everything AGAIN.

They have everything under control! This photo does remind me of another unpacking explosion…as we were at Dr. Bob’s and he was doing the last minute electrical wiring checks of the Taco. Comparatively I have to hand it to Matt and Amy. They are well packed, with only the essentials. Cheers friends. Have fun. Don’t think about us. Soak it up and if you decide to not come back, please send me an email so I know not to show up to the airport luggage claim.