Alright, so the great trek northward was successful! We have a beautiful mission-style bookshelf that only requires a little more work, I believe they call it staining, to complete the look.

So here’s how it went. We came up with a plan…

Then we got some wood. (Photos are missing of the wood collection process. But it was a snowy(!) day. Thankfully, Home Depot was only a mile down a very straight road.) And we did some work to the wood.

Then we had to do a whole lotta more work.

And there was quite a bit of waiting for things to dry and set (especially when it came to 1 am and all we wanted to do was go to sleep)…

The last day saw a little more work

But then we ended up with this:

Which only requires some staining and the back piece to be put on to be completed. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it!?

I really must give Ken the credit. He did a lot of the work. I think more so because our original shelf plan and this one are completely different and as you can see, this one has quite a bit of detail to it. Considering that we only had three days in which to make it…I would have really slowed things down, but I did do some of the work and had a great learning experience out of it. I hope to continue with wood working in the future as well. (All together now, “Poor Ken.”)

We did have a Team We Didn’t Do The Math Moment. At the very end, as we are trying to load the shelf into the Taco we hit a snag…it didn’t want to fit in! There was no way we were going to be able to drive from Ohio back to Kentucky with the tailgate open, especially with some calls for potential light rain fortunately by sliding the bed boards all the way forward and putting the shelf in feet first it fit into the back of the Taco, just barely! So we once again became Team Full of Luck and Yasmeen and I drove our way homeward.

Other exciting craftiness of the break involved Yasmeen learning how to knit a hat. She already knew the knit and purl stitch so we just made that go into a circle and viola! With a day’s worth of work she made her very first hat. And a beautiful hat at that. What made the hat even more beautiful was that when she got to the finishing point the first time around the top looked like the peak of a Hershey kiss, not the look we were going for; additionally it was a few rows too short and Yasi, being the brave woman that she is, gladly RIPPED BACK(!). I was so proud. I think a few tears of joy came to my eyes and as you can see, the hat turned out wonderfully. Isn’t that just the most beautiful of smiles?
So, that’s all the news I have for you right now. I’m still enjoying break. Looking forward to seeing all the family in the next few days, sad that “the girls” (aka “my non-climbing friends”) can’t get together this year, and of course, knitting and cooking.

Hope everyone is doing well! Happy Holidays!

Cheers, Virginia (and Ryan)

P.S. Ryan loves the shelf.