Ahhhhh, feel that.  “What is ‘that’ you are feeling?” you may ask.  It is the sweet feeling of no school for nearly 3 weeks.  It practically feels like schools over.  4 of 6 sessions are done.  11 of 15 classes are over and I don’t have to study anything at this particular moment.  That, is awesome!

Currently I’m in Columbus, Ohio.  There was an “epic” drive through a lot of slush in which I was wondering at the number of people in the median of the highway.  No one Yasmeen and I saw looked like they were injured.  Mostly single cars that apparently has some issue–their own or imposed–and couldn’t stay between the white and yellow llnes.  Those, are bad days.  Honestly the driving wasn’t too bad.  The roads were just wet, we only came across one little slick spot and as long as we stuck to the old rule, “Don’t drive crazy.”  It was mostly like just driving in the rain.  The weather stayed warm enough that nothing was really icing over.

So, safely we arrived to our friend’s house in Columbus.  Everyone remember our friend Ken from Squamish and again from Indian Creek?  One of the Team We-Didn’t-Do-The-Math who climbed for 14 hours into the next morning in Canada?  Good times all around.

Now it is Team We Are Going to Build Something Out of Wood!  This is my reward for finishing out the semester so well.  Not as many A’s as I wanted (3 Bs snuck in there) but I guess I’ll survive with what I have.  Lets work on keeping the number down to just 3, shall we?  That’s a good goal for the final sessions I’d say.

Good times, good friends.  I’m ready for it!