If the computer screen seems to be jumping up and down before your very eyes it may be because there is one hyper-caffeinated person working on this end of the cyber-connection.

I’m reminded of the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon where you see Calvin’s mother all skaky looking and she is waving her hand saying, “Caaaa-lllll-vvvvvvv-iiiiiinnnnn, IIIII tttthhhhiiiinnnnnkkk yyyyooouuuu’vvvveeee haaaaaaddd eeeennnnoooo-uuugggghhhh.” Then in the next frame you see Hobbes telling Calvin that maybe the third bowl of Super-suger-chocolate-cereal-bombs was a little too much.

But you gotta do what’ll help you get through, right? This is the last week of the “marathon” portion of the program and although at the middle of session 4 one might say motivation hit a sort of low spot I’m rebounding nicely and hitting back.

The great thing about Winter Break isn’t going to be the just lazin’ around and doing nothing, nope, it is going to be busy doing all those little things I’ve denied myself (except for rare moments of insanity when I just HAD to knit or HAD to bake or HAD to stay up till 3am watching the whole first season of Grey’s Anatomy to see what all the fuss is about). One HAD-to per session isn’t too bad, is it? And FYI, although GA is interesting it really is just another soap opera with some medical terminology and absolutely UNBELIEVABLE that they aren’t getting sued every other minute or have their license revoked or insurance sky-high, antics going about.

So yeah, that stack of Christmas cards…uh…better get on that in 6days 2hours, give or take 30 minutes.

Cheers to all.