Ryan’s away climbing this weekend in the Gorge and since it is a Sunday morning, the whole home is rather quiet. No noise coming from down stairs or the street or even from me. I look out the window and see the wind working on the fall leaves to let go so that we may glide on into winter. This is a rare moment, this silence, and I say that with some sadness because as much as conversations, music and laughter are a part of buoying the spirit, so are these quiet times to let things come back together. This silence surrounds me like a soft pillow to lay my head upon and a warm blanket to cover my lap. I must remember that these moments are rare and not to be squandered.
In being thankful for this moment I have to wonder if anyone in Iraq ever gets a moment like this, if not, I wonder when may they again get a moment like this? So I wish this for them, may it come sooner than expected.