The less time I have to knit, the more I want to be doing just that. Until the cook-book catches my eye and then the desire is to knit and cook (nearly simultaneously. It would be possible if I could learn to knit one handed.).

5 weeks and 4 days until the 2 weeks and 6 days of doing absolutely what ever I want. (But who’s counting really? If I were serious I would have it down to the hour and minute. My last final finishing at 11am and right now it is 844am aaaand I’m not going to let it get more carried away than that.) Good chance I’ll survive. The odds are in my favor since I’ve made it thus far. Of course, the weather may try to do something about it. Speaking of which…
Still have not turned on the heat although Ryan made mention that we should program the thermostat to kick in if it drops below 60. He says it might be for the pipes but I think he’s either a wimp (which isn’t true) or he’s trying to keep someone from having fingers like to popcicles but is too stubborn to do anything about it that can be done, ie turn on the heat, and doesn’t have enough time to do what she’d like to do about it, ie knit something. DOH!

In truth, we are really just trying to keep alive the incarnation of “The Roadtrip” (which in my head comes across like Homer’s ODYSSEY). Keeping ourselves tough until the next round?

Love and hugs, everyone. And warm toasty thoughts.