Ryan was good to point out to me on Friday that I’m 25% through this session…a whopping 2 weeks. That’s right, just 6 weeks to go until I have 3 FULL weeks off to think of nothing.  I’ll probably do some knitting, baking, reading, maybe a little job shadowing, we’ll see but Bourbon Balls are definitely in the picture. 3 weeks of not studying for exams and knowing that when I do go back, it is to only 4 more classes. That’s pretty darn nice.  Maybe there are some benefits to being employed.
I’m feeling optimistic with just 6 weeks to go. Of course, this doesn’t include the fact that I have a paper and 2 exams this week on top of the marathon week schedule. We’ll see how I’m doing next week.

Some of you may be saying, “Hold on, wait a minute…what about Thanksgiving? Isn’t that a break?” Yes and no. Turkey Day this year falls a mere 2 weeks before finals so although there is much joy in eating turkey, going to my 10 year class reunion (where did the time go?), and visiting with family and friends, I’ll still have to study. Ryan gets Wednesday off and if the weather is good, we might try to climb one day in the Red. What did I just say about studying?  On top of looming exams we have to make up those three lost days at the end of the term and instead of having a finals week of M class, T study day and W/R finals we have M/T/W class, R study day and F/Sa finals.  Ugh, shudder, gasp and chill.
Onto a less terrifying topic, who loves these cooler temps?! Can I get a “Heck yeah!” from the audience?

It is so much easier to put on another layer to thermoregulate than it is to have no other layer options to pull off. Many of you may have heard me gripe about being cold on our road trip. (Rocktown was particularlly harsh for a while there….brrrrr.) But sincerely, I like the cold. Ryan though can really handle the cold. It is probably some male thing. Anatomical disadvantages for women aside, somehow we got into a thermostat show down. It is a contest to see who will crumble first and turn the heat on. No signs of weakening on either of our parts. There has been some unintentional delay for the real middle-of-the-dusty-street-showdown due to our down stair neighbor. I think she’s turned on her heat and what with physics being our friend, that heat is a’risin’. I don’t know how much it is really helping us out but it has to be doing something.

That very thought made me feel very guilty for a while until I remembered that all during the summer when we had our a/c on and she didn’t, friendly physics was probably more friendly with her. So, in my mind, it’s a trade.

If this show down lasts into December I predict knitting legwarmers or a full body sock.

Cheers friends!