As many of you already know, I am into session 4 of 6.  That’s right, already half way through!  I truly meant to do a half-way point recap last week but thinks got a little tight with time and I really don’t know how life can keep flying by like this.

In truth last week was dominated by a very time consuming new schedule and knitting up a wedding present for college friends of mine who got married this weekend.  Ad libbed a pattern off the ribbon on their wedding invite to make a guest towel.  It turned out pretty nice although I was sincerely finishing it the morning of the wedding.  Oi! That’s cutting it a little close.  I like the hand made gifts and am glad I was able to pull it off.  Ryan told me later that he was sweating the ride to Oxford figuring we were going to have to go out and buy something last minute.

This session should be interesting on top of exhausting. The two nursing courses are what I call “Pregnant women” and “Ped.s”. The one class is interesting because it is amazing what a woman’s body has to go through!  The other class…I’m not sure what to expect but I do know this:  the instructor is really entertaining to listen to.  The class schedule this session is to have phenomenally long days, so interesting and entertaining are much needed.

Before I sign off…a Ryan update.  Still employed and now he has a new plant to take to his office.  I’ve had a jade plant since college and my mom’s taken care of it longer than I have.  Somehow it survived the ride back to Louisville without too much incident although it has lost a few leaves and one branch.  (Which puts the poor fellow in to dire danger of falling over.  He was so well balanced before, without support, that I hope he can handle needing a little help.

Today he is off climbing in the Red.  I hope he keeps warm.  Of course, the weather is sunny and beautiful.  That’s makes for a good day of climbing.

Cheers y’all.