Well, here it is, I’ve been around for 29 years.  Thankfully events like this only come around once a year because in general I don’t remember how many years young I am.  Seriously.  Often I have to ask someone else how old I am because I know that I don’t know the answer and on-the-spot math was never a forte of mine without pen and paper.  (Flashback to 4th grade math…”Of course those 2 ‘o’s are and 8, can’t you see they lie one on top of the other?)  At the start of this nursing program I was often asked how old I was and I told people I was 27.  It wasn’t an intentional lie because I really thought that was the correct answer.  It took until I sat down and did the math to realize the mistake.

I’ve got some theories as to why I can’t remember my own age.  One, I spent a year living out of a truck so maybe time stood still for me. Two, I’m going senile early.  (I’ve always been a bit of a bloomer in some respects, why not jump the gun on that one too!).  And three, I still feel like I’m 24.  It has been a great age for the last 5 years.  Why let it go?

I’ve heard from some people that they felt the same way when they were “my age” (I didn’t bother to ask them if they meant 24 or 29.) and have since grown out of it.  Maybe that’ll happen with me too.  Who knows?

But, to the title point of this post, sometimes it is good to take stock in what one has been doing to live the time.  Recently I’ve been reminded of a lot of people who have come in, out and through my life.  It is true that events have shaped me but it is more true that the people I have known have greatly influenced the way I think and what I do.  I suspect it is a bit un-American of me to admit that I haven’t become who I am all by my lonesome and I’m okay with that.  There are so many stories out there, so many different ways to look at the world that I’m thankful for all the people who have crossed paths with mine.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve been handed some Cliffnotes on life.  Not in the sense to cheat from but more that by listening to another’s story in some small way I’ve been where they were.  Maybe that knowledge can then be used in situations I’ve yet to face.  I hope that I’ve had a good listening ear to learn from others.  I hope that those interactions were a give and take for them as well.

I refrain from naming names and instances because, quite frankly, it would be a lot of work to list and organize all those interactions into a cohesive/enjoyable-to-read/concise document.  This here is not the forum for a novel.

So, on this day that is “all about me”  I find myself thinking that it is more about others.  Thank you. It is too small to put in words how much that time and those words have meant to me.  Remind me, that the next cup of coffee or tea is on me.