Okay, this post is a little late in the writing but I’ve really had a busy week on the front end.  One (again) huge exam on Monday, presentation on Tuesday and another exam today so I’ve been a bit occupied.

Last weekend I got to spend some quality time with my side of the family at the Newport Aquarium.  I don’t know what kind of time warp happened on getting there but it took me nearly 2 hours to make the drive there and 1 hr 15m on the way back.  All I can say is that traffic was really weird and there was a little snaffu trying to get over the bridge in to Ohio (the KY exit on 75 N was closed).

The Aquarium was pretty neat.  I think that although the overall feel gives the sentiment that their target audience is educating children, there is a lot of information there to entertain adults too.  Who doesn’t love to look at fish and sharks and what not.  It is even possible to pet some sharks (obviously smaller ones) which feels quite like a soft leather.

One has to wonder about what the fish/sharks/turtles/etc think of all these weird people walking past them.  I know they can see us because in some of the tanks there are viewing windows all around and you can see people on the other side so there is no reflective surface on the fish-side.  I wonder too how the noise affects them because there is a lot of it.  Not just from the people walking through but from the music playing to the recorded educational-blurbs activated by pushing a button.  I would think that in general their normal homes are a bit more quiet.

Ryan was unable to come because he visited with his friend in Lexington.  It isn’t my story to tell so I’ll leave it at that.

Only 2.5 more weeks left in this session.  Oi.
A person can survive almost anything for a year, right?

Virginia and Ryan

PS Linda and John, I hope the weather is good for you on your vacation.  Travel safely.