Being the recipient of an Amish Friendship Bread starter is surprisingly complex.  Sure, for eight of the ten days all you really do is knead the bag.  It’s like a pleasant little morning hand workout or late evening stress relief.  Also it is a fun surprise to see the contents of the Ziploc bag bubble and do their magic slowly filling the bag with air.

Little did I know I was a recipient of an adventurer of a friendship bread.  This morning the bread starter tried base jumping from a kitchen shelf. Thankfully, Ziploc bags are tough and the sink was just below, thus I’m still able to share the progress of the bread with you rather than spending the morning cleaning my sink.

So what’s so complex about it?  Well, once you start to think about keeping bread for yourself so you can bake it every 10 days it is a little like having a pet.  What do you do if you go on vacation?  Do you have to hire a sitter for your starter?  Then there is the anxiety of wondering whether I really could screw up something so simple.  It is possible afterall.  In the end, I think everything will turn out all right.  Until then I wait with abaited breath.

PS On a knitting role, I decided to finish the afghan.  It is really more of a large lap blanket than an afghan but that’s because I’ve become a yarn snob of sorts and refuse to buy any more yarn for the thing.  (That and they discontinued one of my colors.)  Alas.  C’est la vie, the blanket c’est fin.