At the start of the new session one of our instructors asked us what we did over the weekend. I informed her I started a new knitting project and she replied, “Isn’t that wishful thinking!” Maybe it was an unconscious omen to the weather gods to cool off these hot temps. I mean, don’t you want to knit a nice warm scarf on a 90+ degree day with 50% humidity? Who wouldn’t, right? Perfectly normal thing for a normal human to do. (At least I’m not working on the afghan…I really do need to wait for cooler weather to tackle that project. It is hot to hold on one’s lap.)

Well, 2 weeks later and I’m done. (Note the afghan is going on 3 years and counting now and still not done.)

Woo-hoo! Well, I’m sort of done. I’ve got the ends off the needles but haven’t woven the tails in yet. Why might you ask? Must the great mammoth afghan finish first?

I’m just not sure I’m happy with the ends. They don’t flow with the scarf pattern (5 braided strands). The ends are like a big lumpy geometric high school math class against the flowing soft undulating waves of serenity that is the body of the scarf. You can see the dilemna even if I don’t have a picture posted. So what’s a girl to do? Thankfully it is still too hot to wear a scarf so I’ve got some time to think it over. I want it to be right because all of the yarn was gifted to me and I want to appreciate that. Ryan assures me that I’m just crazy and that is why I’m fretting. Maybe he’s right.

Here’s the url to a picture in case you have any recommendations.