To coffee. Many have told me that I have a problem but I turned them a deaf ear. About 10 minutes ago I was lamenting a terrible headache. I rarely get headaches and I couldn’t put my finger on any trigger for this one. I’m hydrated, not hungry, not hot… Ah, then it hit me. I haven’t had ANY caffeine today. Bad news for me apparently.

Within moments of my cup-o-jo I have relief. I delude myself with thoughts that as caffeine is a vasoconstrictor (ie it makes your blood vessels tighten their waist belts) maybe I just have a pressure induced headache. I mean, my nose has been running and I’ve been sneezing so maybe I have allergies too. Those allergy reactions in my head are taking up room and beloved coffee has made a little relief for me–much like shoving over all the winter coats in a jammed closet to be able to get to something hanging in the back.

I’ll seek a help group after I finish school.