Gavin has had 3 beauties of puppies.  Gavin is a miniature schnauzer who exhibited all the classic symptoms of the pregnant woman last time I saw her, she was sleeping all day, up all night, peeing often, grouchy and very ready to no longer be pregnant.  Well, two weeks ago she spurted out 4 puppies (one unfortunately was a stillborn) and three of them are about the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen.  At this point Ryan would probably say that a disclaimer is in order.  So…

Disclaimer:  I have seen very few puppies in my life and may not have the best of selection pools to draw from.

Disclaimer2: Ryan under no circumstances want a puppy next year.  He says that he refuses to take care of a dog while I’m in nursing school.  I say, he’d only be taking care of it probably 75% of the time.  I mean, com’on!, how can you say no to such a cute face?

For those of you who do not know of the breed, they are small dogs, black to white in color, typically intelligent, slight yippers, and most importantly…they don’t shed.  We got to see the two-week-old pups just a few days ago and one was lying in my arms. *sigh*  They must have grown very quickly because the puppy, stretched out, went from my wrist to my elbow and their Momma is not much bigger stretched out then the length of my arm, so those puppies must have been super-small inside of her.  Apparently, Gavin, unused to the whole process or concept of birth, ran for it when the first one popped out.  With some adjustment time she seems to be taking to motherhood okay.  Given how quick they’ve grown they must be working her to the bone.  She is sometimes jealous of the attention they get that definitely used to be hers but she lets Avery (their other miniature schnauzer) *sort-of* near them.  When I returned the cute little bundle back to bed, mom quickly gave the pup an analysis, a cleaning and a meal.

Despite Ryan’s neigh saying there is hope for me yet.  Dr. Bob and Rema are talking about breeding Avery once too in about a year so timing will be on my side at that point.
In relation to climbing, the weather around here has turned to the cold side.  It is amazing how quickly we became accustomed to the warmer weather.  We are still going to go climbing tomorrow or Friday.  Currently we are busy filling out applications, updating resumes and applying for scholarships.  If I could just find out where I put all of my warm footwear I’d be set.

Hope you are all keeping warm and if you are near a puppy, give them and their mommas some love too.


Va (and Ryan, who definitely really didn’t have anything to do with this post and is running really short on time to write his own post.  Looks like I’ll be making some money off of this one!  Or not, considering no one would take such a sure bet.  Drat.)