Well, we’ve reached a landmark…we’ve survived nine months on the road.  The last one is going to be fun of course, but also bittersweet because the weeks are counting down until we enter a domicile with indoor plumbing.

The little bits of reality are weighing in on us as we try to get out stuff together and organized and try to think forward without forgetting to live in the present.  We may not get as strong as we had hoped here in the Red but we are excited with the direction things are moving.  Ryan has simultaneously gotten peace of mind knowing we’ll have a place to live and lost peace of mind for concern of the impending mortgage payments.  As Ryan likes to say, “It’s surprising that they’d be concerned to give us a loan when we walk in wearing shorts, chacos, no jobs and crazy hair.”
On a good note I’ve thankfully been able to earn enough money to pay for my bills in April.  Now everything earned on out is simply “coffee-study” money in the months ahead.  I’ve also noticed that now we are settled in the Highlands it seems that we meet folks who live in the area all over the Red.  So far, all high-quality individuals and it seems that our good decision remains good.

On a sadder note, given our limited space, 700 square feet, I’ve been thinking about ways to try and maximize our areas but unfortunately with a budget of a whopping zero dollars those ideas will have to wait for implementation.  That’s okay cause we’ll have a flushing toilet and honestly, that’s about the only thing that I’ve ever missed on this trip at various times.