We’re buying a condo!

That’s right, we are going into debt.  Not too bad mind you but debt non-the-less.  Folks tell me that this is “positive” debt, whatever that means.  But we ended up switching gears from apartment hopping to condo shopping because the cheaper apartments smelled like mold and dead insects and the ones that are comparable to what we’ll be paying were nicer but utilities would be way up.  So randomly saw a billboard and gave the number a call, saw the place and decided that it was nice.  Then had to mentally switch gears and check out some other condos in the same price range and still found the first one to be the best for several reasons:

-the layout of the 700 square feet was good.  Some of the rooms may be small but there is a lot of natural light and the spaces are plenty big enough for us.

-the whole building has been owned by one family that has taken good care of the upkeep.  On top of which, they are retaining two of the units to keep on renting to their long term renters (one guy has been there for forty years and another woman has been there for twenty).

-the windows and appliances are new/relatively new

-it is in the area of town that we both really wanted to live in, the Highlands, and is only a 6 minute drive from my school.

All in all we won’t lose more money on this deal (we hope! knock on wood) than we would have paid for in rent anyway.

So, when we are set up, come and visit, we’d love to see you.


Va and Ryan