Ahh, the good ole RRG.

We made it back in time to see our friends, Jenn and Jason Burton, start their own voyage westward.  Jenn got a job as a ranger in Zion Nation Park and Jason took up work as a guide.  They have outfitted their own vehicle for residence.  It looks like they are planning on living out of their Toyota Sienna for the next four years(!) or so they hope.  Once I get the pictures downloaded onto our computer I’ll post some new ones.  One thing to say for them…they were much better prepared to leave on time.  No rushing around and a lot less extraneous material in their vehicle.  Granted, they did already move out of their apartment and had put most of their stuff in storage a couple of months before they even knew for certain they’d be moving into a vehicle.  A little head start but they did an amazing job getting their stuff together and still with only 4 weeks or so to plan and put it all together.
One fun going away party and three days of guiding later, here we are on a rest/nowork day and it is raining!  Oh how painful the irony would be if we weren’t so tired and had already planned on not climbing today.  Tomorrow will be a new day.
Hope these words find everyone well.

Cheers!  Va and Ryan