It seems there is a bit of an inconsistancy when I type.  Particularly if I get interrupted and thus you, the poor reader, are left to suffer with incomplete sentences and thoughts.  It is either that or something is getting deleted out of my posts occassionally and accidentally.  I assure you that everything makes sense in my head so I’ll work on translating that better towards your heads.

We’re doing well and will be moving to the Red River Gorge, KY, next week.  Heading into the final phase of our trip.  When I wrote to a friend of mine about the shock expected with hitting a normal routine here’s what she had to say:

Well, hope your assimilation back into the ‘real’ world goes smoothly
(although it seems like you’re actually leaving the real world, doesn’t

And I’d say that that sums up the sentiment pretty well.Alas, we all must pay our dues to enjoy our lives.

Love to all,

Virginia and Ryan