Well, this morning as we came down for our weekly shower and laundry day I said to Ryan, “You know I’m going to brag about you getting your first V6 yesturday.”  And he replied, “You don’t have to post about every send I get.”  And I replied, “Your parents would like to know that you are doing well!”

So yeah, Ryan sends his first V6 boulder problem and was super stoked about it.  Good jorb, Baby!

Other than that, the weather has been phenomenal.  Spring is here in GA!  Maybe sometimes a little warm so the friction isn’t as crisp but staying outside is 100% bearable and I’m loving it.

We are still in Rocktown but should be heading for the Red middle of next week.  Looks like we’ll be getting back into roped climbing again…phew.

Hope everyone is doing well.


VA and Ryan