Ryan is feeling a bit under the weather.  It seems that despite the protective chant over Taco repeated nightly, Ryan caught whatever bug had me down last week.  But that doesn’t stop him from going outside and bouldering a bit…or spotting other boulderers.

What a trooper!

But on the positive side, the weather is getting warmer.  Daffodils have been spotted and one can survive outside of the car even when it is dark!  This of course, has brought about more campers to the mountaintop, many of whom aren’t bouldering but may just be camping or a boy scout group or something else.  From these encounters we have come to learn that climbers are not the only people responsible for “disrespecting” the  mountain.  Oi!  We try to pick up trash and set a good example ourselves.

Sometimes I think the boulders are smarter than me.  It takes me a lot of trickery to get up problems and sometimes those tricks are learned from other people.  Hopefully I’m getting smarter as time goes by.

Looks like we’ll be moving to the Red in the next 10 days or so.  Always drawing closer to the end of the trip but trying to forget that fact and live for the day.  There are many days of good climbing ahead of us and lazy days to sleep in.  Can you store sleep?  Can we save some of these extra hours to pull out again at a later time?  Will we remember what an alarm clock sounds like or wake up in a panic thinking that it is an air raid?

Huh.  We’ll see.

Hope everyone is doing well.


VA and Ryan.