Both Ryan and I have something to brag about these days, although Ryan probably wouldn’t share his too loudly, I’m screaming mine from the top of the mountain.

Ryan’s first:  he sent is second V5 yesturday (his first V5 at Rocktown).  Called Golden Shower (ugh!)  it is a beautiful piece of rock in the gully of Rocktown and once Charlie can get me access to his camera I’ll post some pictures.  I guess you could say the business is at the top of the problem but once Ryan started hitting a little-itty-bitty-overhanging-crimper static it seemed inevitable for sendage to be in his future!

Me:  This is the second year in a row that I have not had to do my taxes!  Yahoo!!!  Besides my infinitely patient father doing my taxes for the majority of my life, there were acutally 2 years when I had to do my own taxes.  Then, thankfully, I had the brilliant idea of dating an accountant.  You figure he has to be getting something out of the deal as well, well, he doens’t ahve to deal with a neurotic girlfriend as she does her own taxes.  Pretty fair trade, right?

In other news, our sleeping bag has finally been washed for the first time on this trip.  That’s right, 7 months later, we finally get the thing washed.  All thanks to Ryan’s sister who for Christmas got a humongous washer and dryer.  Thanks Amy!  That funny smell has suddenly disappeared from the truck.  Coincidence?

Also in other news, I just heard from my Cousin Dotti in CO, who served in the WACs in WWII and she is donating some pictures of hers from her days with the WACs to the Museum there for section on the WACs opening in March!  Ft. O. is the town/area we drive through EVERY time we head to Rocktown to boulder.  The world really is a small place.

We hope you are all doing well.

Love to all.

Virginia and Ryan