Not that this will be a shocker to anyone but it is much nicer to climb in 41 degrees and sunny than it is to climb in 46 and cloudy and windy.

I don’t know if it is merely psychological, because it was windy a bit on the sunny day too, but the fact of the matter is, a person is a much happier boulderer if they are in the sun when it is darn cold outside.  At least this is the truth for Ryan and I.

We had a good day bouldering yesturday, in the sun(!).  Ryan was a superurb spotter and saved me from a nasty fall.  Pretty much think of an action hero in a fight sequence who is spinning through the air after being hit and that was me coming off of the rock.  Poor Ryan took a kneecap to the Adam’s apple but he’s fine and in doing so I bounce off of him and landed flat on my back on the crash pad.  Boy do I love that man!  It could have been really ugly but Ryan’s got a steady spot and doesn’t back down. Even after that, he was still brave enough to spot me on the second go, which was thankfully successful.

Ryan keeps getting closer on his new project which is by far his most ambitious boudler problem to date.  I think he can get it before we have to end our roadtrip, so keep your fingers crossed for him.  He’d be one super ecstatic man to send it.

We are also waiting to hear if our friend, Dr. Bob, will tempt himself this season with the “dark side” of climbing, bouldering.  Hint, Hint!  Dr. Bob.  We hope to see you out and about soon!

I hope these words find everyone well.

Love and affection,

Va and Ryan

(still in Rocktown, northern GA)