That’s right.  We woke up to slushies on the ground.  If anyone were around we could have opened a stand, scooped it off the grass, given it the syrupy goodness and been in business.

Rocktown is in winter conditions but the weather is looking good for the next week.  Cross your fingers(!), it wasn’t supposed to rain today either but the air was definitly high in humidity.

The snow is quite pretty though and we haven’t been freezing too much.  All of our water bottles were frozen a couple of mornings ago but fortunately we were able to get enough out to heat and thaw the rest of them.  Poor Ryan and having to wash his hands to put in his contacts!  He surivives somehow.  We did end up watching a lot of movies yesturday.  Of course, we only saw 3/4s of each movie.  Our player seems to be not surviving life on the road as healthfully as we are and chokes up quick.  Being that we can stay in Rocktown for a week for $100 (food, gas and camping) we could afford to get another dvd player.  But is it worth it?  If there are many more days like yesturday…good chance it would be.

In other news, before the cold weather hit we were in Horse Pens 40, outside of Steele, AL, with our friend Ken.  Had a great couple of days of climbing.  One that was way too cold.  But, we all had surprising sends and an overall good time.  I have some pictures to post but can’t upload them here at the public library.

We hope everyone is doing well.


Va and Ryan