On the road again! We are heading east to catch a concert, P-Groove, and to get in some more bouldering at Rumbling Bald. Pretty dee-rn excited we are! The last time I was able to boulder in RB was almost 2 years ago and I have unfinished business amongst those Carolinian rocks.

RB is set amongst a hill side underneath a cliff line. I’m told there is good roped climbing there as well and if our projects and the weather cooperated we might actually pull out the gear to try some of the lines out.

Asheville is one of the more’hip growin’ locations in the US, some call is the new Boulder, CO, of the east. It has some great restaurants and concert venues. Hopefully we’ll be able to go to at least one of those unique and tasty establishments…maybe eat just Ramen for the rest of the week afterwards. 🙂

Also in line for our NC tour is Looking Glass. A tower of sorts that has some unique multi-pitch trad lines–instead of protecting a cracks that run primarily perpendicular to the groud you project “eyebrows” or cracks that are more horizontal with the ground. From anyone I’ve known to climb there, at the end of the day your calves are burning.

Round’em up, we are heading out.

Love, Ryan and Va