Today was a great day for Ryan. After years of waiting to get back out to his obscure trad project on Forest Service land (the road to had collapsed and caused a whole season to be lost) finally sent it in grand style.

The line has a bit of history to it. Ryan first put eyes on the line when he, John Bronaugh and Ray E. when on a hike to look at some climbing lines on forest service land. Both JB and RE are strong climbers but when they looked at the line they convince Ryan that he had to be the one to go for the FA (first ascent) of the route. The route has a more than a touch of off-width to it and it didn’t go down on that first day. In fact, when Ryan reached the top-out of the trad line (for it went from the ground to the very top of the cliff), there was so much debris that he was literally swimming in it, showering the other two climbers at the base of the climb. This sent JB into fits of laughter, apparently so much so that he fell to the ground, grabbing his stomach. Thankfully he was using a gri-gri, else Ryan may not be here today because at one point there was nothing left to swim through and Ryan pitched off the route in a truly grand fall. He did get to the top, but not cleanly that day. And there that poor route sat and waited….and waited…and waited until one day Ryan convinces Matt, Amy, Wes and I that a “little hike” would lead us to a fun obscure crag.

That “little hike” was anything but, and as the trail was nearly non-existant, required going up some pretty steep “hills”. Doh! However, it was all worth it in the end to see Ryan finish his project and the smile on his face when he reached the bottom. He walked the route as though it were a true moderate and you wondered what he was huffing and puffing about the first time he got on it.
Good jorb, Ryan! You should be proud of yourself. I’m proud of you. And it’s a good name too, “Dive Right In”. Like you said, for it being your first (that is four years ago attempt at a) trad FA and for the amount of swimming that happened on your first go at it.

Cheers! May all of you conquer a project today too.

Love, VA and Ryan.