After a rough start at Rocktown we ended up with multiple great days of climbing left.  Many problems were worked, new projects added, and fun was had all around…eventhough we woke up one morning to 15 degrees F!  That makes for a very cold-feeling rock, even if the sun gets to it.  *sigh*

We have since left GA and are now back in KY.  Our friends, Matt and Amy, graciously let us share their “our seasons over!” cabin-vacation in the Red River Gorge.  Only to put us to work the next day helping to guide 4 law-enforcement officials in a day of climbing.  :)  Truthfully, the hot tub made it all worth while.  If we could rig a way to transport a hot tub along in the Taco we would be on the road forever.  Our last two hot tubbing experiences have shown us the healthful nature of hot water, good conversations and preluded a great night’s rest.

The cold weather has followed us to KY.  This morning we are in Lexington trying to get all of that “paperwork” that is hard to do from the road done.  Lots of running around town will be involved and given that those things have to be done, we welcomed the early morning snow with a hot cup of tea.  I personally love to see snow.  And when I’m appropriately dressed, I love to play in it too.  I’m not 100% sure of how Ryan feels about the snow but who can resist a good snowball fight?

Christmas is around the corner…I suppose we’ll have to take care of those errands too.  But those are always fun.

We hope that everyone is warm and doing well.  And please remember, if there is snow and a chance, duck when I’m around.  There may just be a snowball flying in your direction!


VA and Ryan.