Well, sadly we are on our 3rd day of rest all due to the constant morning rain.  This morning in particular we woke up to find ourselves in the middle of a cloud.  Yes, a cloud.  Needless to say that put a “damper” on our bouldering for the day and as we drove down the mountain a little we could see the blanket of the cloud cover we had awoken too.  Three rain days in one location is about the record for days of climbing called due to weather.  As we have only been here for 4 days…you get the picture.  So, we are reminded of what risks are invovled in climbing in the SE.  However, the weather should be clearing soon and we should have fabulous weather until we need to leave Rocktown.  It is the end of hunting season and the mountain will be closed for 4 days next week.  Good idea even if inconvient.  “Sound shots” are not uncommon in the hunting practice around here, according to one local.

On top of the good weather it looks like we are going to have a lot of company.  Many folks are coming down and it should be a lot of fun…hopefully we won’t be exactly “those people” but it may just be inevitable.

Don’t know where we are going to head next.  Maybe stay in this general area or head back to the Red River Gorge a bit early to be in the area and save a bit on gas.

Maybe these three days off will be good for us.  The next 4 are going to be hard on the body with the folks that are coming down tonight and then the next wave coming down tomorrow night.

We hope everyone is doing well.

Love, Ryan and VA