Could it be that we are at the end of our 5th month on the road?  Has time been going by that quickly?

Hueco was the end of our western climbing but we ended our western experience by visiting relatives of mine in Colorado.  Cousins John and Dotti both served in WWII and have lived a life that make our trip seem almost like a walk to the grocery store.   Safaris in Africa, 10 years in Thailand, meeting indigenous groups that no longer exist in areas of SE Asia, as well as working with Native Americans here in the US.  It was a great couple of days to visit and talk and for me, it is indescribalbe how wonderful it is to meet people who knew my relatives like Opa and Oma.  The emotions can be overwhelming.  I hope though that it won’t take me another 28 years to visit them again.  My last visit with them my mom was 6 mths pregnant with Corey and me!

So now we are back on the Eastern side of the Mississippi River.  In northern GA at a bouldering area called Rocktown on the Crockford-Pidgeon Mountain Reserve.  The drive to the top of the mountain used to take nearly 30-40 minutes due to the liberal placement of speedbumps (ie HUGE ruts all along the dirt road).  But now, the road has been leveled and it appears that there is some sort of thin layer of blacktop cutting the travel time to only 12 minutes!

We are finally in a place again that feels familiar.  Walking around the boudler field we knew where we wanted to go and how to get there without having our nose in a book or asking directions.  In a small way, it feels like ‘home’, if that makes any sense.  Not that I want to give up a vagabond life or not visit new places but it is nice to be back to an area we both love and want to explore more and to have more than just 2 days to explore it in.

A good group of friends should be coming down this weekend to join us on the mountain.  It’ll be nice to see everyone after so long.  I hope you all have a safe drive down.  We’ll have a fire going when you get here.

Love to everyone,

Va and Ryan