Hueco Tanks is home to the largest collection of Native American mask pictographs in the US.  Some of which are simple and others quite elaborate.  We went on a volunteer-guided tour today of some of the art work.  It was really interesting to hear about the theories and controversies about what the various masks may mean and what some of the imagery may imply.

There isn’t even a concensus on how the rock art was applied to the rock.  Some think that some of the art was “stenciled” onto the rock, others believe it to be painted with yucca-brushes.  Often times there are mortars in the surrounding rock that were used to ground potentially what was corn, although they don’t know that for certain.  At one point there was a study about how long it would take to grind away the stone.  A stone was put under a machine that mimiced the grinding motion and it took weeks of around the clock effort for even a measurable impression to be made!  They theorize that some of the holes took hundreds of years of human impact to create.  (Again, sorry for the lack of photos…the signal is week here and they’ll be posted when we get a stronger connection).

All in all, pretty amazing.

Hope everyone is doing well.  We are looking forward to coming back to the south-east but at the same time we are going to miss our western experience.

Cheers and love,

Va and Ryan