Let’s just say that the bouldering here is top notch!  (The campground ain’t too bad either considering it has free wifi.)  It is amazing how strong the rock is, stuff that you normally wouldn’t pull on in other areas you can swing like a monkey from here.

We got into the park this morning and saw a nice orientation film about the park.  In which we learned that the huecos (or resevoirs/pools/holes) can be home to mini ecosystems complete with shrimp at the right time of the season.  That’s right!  Shrimp in the middle of the desert.  It’s pretty amazing when you think about it.

Being our first day into the park we went to a few of the classic areas and got on some classic lines.  Unfortunately Ryan when going for a hold swung off the monster and took what looks like a mellon-baller to the third knuckle of his right hand ring finger.  Ouch!

But that won’t keep him down.  He’s excited to get another day into the boulderfield.  We are also looking forward to a rest day taking a tour of the pictoglyphs of the park.  HTSP has the largest collection of pictoglyph masks in the US.  If the connection here weren’t so slow I’d upload some photos of ones that were near where we were bouldering today.

I asked Ryan if he would like to say anything to everyone and was greeted with silence.  He’s a delicate flower, so please be patient with him.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Love to all.

VA and Ryan