Seriously, this is becoming a question that is increasingly more difficult to answer lately. Not entirely a bad problem to have, I’m not complaining by any means, but I just hope it doesn’t make us late to be anywhere where we’ve promised to meet people.


So, the last time we were in town our server couldn’t upload any information and thus, the lull in pictures or posts. But, there are some new pictures of our living set-up. We are by no means dirt-baggers on the road. We are in fact, living in the lap of luxury. Much of this is thanks to Dr. Bob (who’s picture which is part of his application to Team Safety is in the pre-trip album) and Ryan. They spent quite a few evenings in Dr. Bob’s woodshop and came out with all of their fingers in-tact. What the pictures don’t show though is that the bed system you see wasn’t the originial created. The first set-up wasn’t as stream-linned along the sides, our topper on the truck forced some of the boards to be cut short which left a gap along the side of the truck. At first Ryan and I were going to “just deal with it” because we were going to be “dirt-bag climbers”, but out of the blue Ryan receives a phone call:

“Ryan, I’ve solved the bed problem.”

“Bed problem?”

“The gap along the sides is unacceptable. You’d drop things and be cursing the whole length of the trip. But I’ve figured out how to fix it. Drop the truck off at my house on Friday and you can take my truck to work. By the end of the day you’ll see.”
And thus it was.

Dr. Bob not only, recut all of the boards to make them streamline, he also tailored side boards to fit the contours of the truck. Needless to say, we greatly appreciate the work and have received quite a few “oohs” and “ahhhs” over our set-up. Thanks Dr. Bob!