So, surprisingly the desert isn’t as dry as it is made out to be.

Got rain last night, rain/hail today and it is supposed to snow tonight. Go figure. But we are still having fun. Eventhough Ken has now returned to the midwest he was kind enough to leave us a ton of his gear so our stay in Indian Creek will continue to prove safe. Thanks Ken!

Yesturday we saw some old Native American dwellings and Ryan spotted some petroglyphs. It is pretty amazing to think about how old they are and how well they’ve held up. Thatch roofing is still intact and other wood. A pretty impressive reminder of how long it takes things to decompose in the desert.

Ryan was looking at my hands the other day and was wondering what in the heck I was doing to them to make them as swollen on the backs as they are.

Basically I’ve got “old woman” hands at the moment while his look great and here’s the cause–most of the routes we’ve been climbing lately have had large portions of #3 camalot sizes towards the tos. Meaning that the “hand” size is harder for me and I have to work harder while it is perfect for Ryan. I need to start working the smaller cracks and then we’ll see how his hands do! 😉

With the extra gear we have, even if a route it a little above our heads we should be able to get up it. Meaning…watch out Ryan…smaller cracks here we come.

Hope all is well with everyone. Here’s a funny story from the homefront:

Ryan and I sent postcards to his 2 nephews and niece, each with a children’s story character in the postage stamp.

Well, his niece, Avery Grace who is little, has decided that rather than keeping the postcard that was mailed to her, that the one with the Curious George stamp is actually hers since that is her favorite character.


Love to all,

VA and Ryan