All is pretty well in the Creek right now.

Surprisingly (?!) we’ve had 3 days of rain.  Even on my birthday, our first day here so there was no celebrating aging gracefully on top of a tower.  The rain has not been in a row so we have been getting a fair bit of climbing in but for this area they average 1 inch of rain in October and they’ve already received 4+ inches.  Our fault?

Ryan has been pushing his leading and doing incredibly well.  He is getting trim and strong!  At one point he exclaimed, “Why is this my first trip here?  This place is awesome.”  Maybe he has found a second home in the Creek…
Ken has been having fun too.  We like having him out here.  He has also put us up on some routes we wouldn’t have gotten on otherwise.  But just wait until this weekend, Haas is coming out and maybe Kent, off-widths are in the future and maybe a total body workout…


Thanks for keeping us up to date on the home front.  It is good to hear from everyone.