Okay, let’s hope the internet-demons don’t make this post disappear.

We’ve spent the last four days in Las Vegas.  We wanted to stop through in order to visit with Big Keith who is working on the Hoover Dam by-pass Bridge.  Big Keith is doing well and we were able to go climbing on Sunday with a group of his friends at Red Rocks, a BLM area just 30 minutes outside of Vegas.  Red Rocks is beautiful and true to its name, although different than the Red River Gorge or Indian Creek, UT, Red Rocks stands out in its vibrancy due to the contrasting rock color nearby.

Keith’s friends do climbing “right”.  With an uncharacteristics wake up time (for us) of 6am we climbed until 6pm.  Actually only one other person was crazy enough to get up that early, Michael, and the rest of the group strolled in at a good Team Alpine Start-o’clock.  Characteristic for Keith, he led some “scary” trad that was super fun to follow and he even convinced Ryan and I to do our first simul-rappel.  Basically you act as counterweights for eachother and as long as you land on the ground and wait to release your weight from the rope until both people have feet on the ground, no one lands on their butt.  Of course, this doesn’t factor in one person (ah-hem, me!) who had to rappel though a tree that tried to steal my glasses.  But, truth be told it is an important skill to know/practice before hitting up desert towers, which we’ll be coming upon in the near future as we hit Indian Creek, UT, next Sunday.

At the end of that climb day we hike out to the parking lot and watch the sun set.  Keith’s friend, Michael, has a beer for everyone (all 7 of us) and a 16-year-old bottle of Scotch to share. Keith cranks on the Elvis, I mean you have to, right?  We are in Las Vegas.  Everyone chimes in for the “Viva Las Vegas” chorus, the guy’s start to dance and Dang it all if I didn’t bring my camera!  But, we all agree that that’s ending a climbing day right.

Toured the strip in both the day and night time conditions and all I can say right now is that Vegas has a weird vibe.  Awesome climbing but a weird vibe.

I wish I could motivate to write about our hiking in Yosemite or visits with good people in San Fransisco or our wine tasting tour through Sonoma County, CA, but those times are so long ago!  (Okay, not so long ago but when I get more pictures posted, I’ll write comments with the pictures.)

We are working our way out of town shortly.  We are going to spend 2 days in Zion N.P. before getting to Grand Junction, CO, to pick up the first person to respond to our “Space Available” ad.  Apparently repeat customers are our business plan.  Ken is coming out just in time to get a healthy dose of desert crack climbing.  Whispers are around that some other good people may come out too and we hope that is true.

Needless to say, we are happy and healthy.  We are still trying to figure out how to sell our rain-mojo to drought ridden areas.  It is pouring in Vegas right now and it rained a little on that first day of climbing.  We’ve also been rained on in 2 other locations that “never see rain”.  We think it may have something to do with the cow conspiracy.  The only place it hasn’t really rained was Squamish where it didn’t start to really rain until we left.  Squamish also has the distinction of being the only place where we haven’t seen any cows.  So there you go.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Lots of love,

Va and Ryan

And Amy, please tell the boys that Ryan has run across quite a few snakes but none poisinous yet.  He has even almost handled those encounters bravely.  🙂