Ryan sent Easy in an Easy Chair!  Which turns out to be a bittersweet moment because it means that we have left Squamish to head south.

Reasons we like Canada:

1. Gas prices didn’t fluctuate every 10 seconds.

2. The climbing was awesome.

3. Again, the climbing was super awesome.

4. Meeting up with older friends and meeting new people.

5. The weather rocked.

6. Did we mention the climbing yet?

7. Parts of the highway feel like a figure-8 track, very exciting.

8. Construction road signs look like they belong in dance halls also very exciting.

Reasons to not like Canada

1. Gas is per liter (or multiply the gas sign by 4 to get a gallon).

2. Beer is way too friggin’ expensive.

3. Did we mention that beer is horribly expensive?

4.  Road signs are non-existant, confusing or otherwise terrible.

So we are heading to Olympics National Park and then on to Portland, OR, and then onto California and then onto a visit with Big Keith (we hope!).

It’ll be slightly odd to be able to use our phones again.  If you have a hankering feel free to call.

Only one truly sad note occurred while we were in Squamish and that was the passing of Ryan’s grandfather Charlie.  A truly great man who will be greatly missed.  Granny, we are sorry we can’t be there for you in presense but we are there in spirit.
Everyone, please take care of yourselves.  We do miss you all.

Va and Ryan.