Luckily also coinciding with a rest day.  We are hoping the wind will pick up again this afternoon to help speed the drying process.  Ryan has sworn not to leave Squamish until sending his project, Greasy in a Greasy Chair.  Oops!  I mean the real name is, Easy in an Easy Chair, V4.  But given its popularity and the recent rain it might be a bit slick.  This might hold off our departure until mid week.

The clouds are really pretty.  They are hanging pretty low or at least they are noticably low because with the Chief as a backdrop, we can’t see even half of the granite face.  We are told that if you drop the temps to about 35-40 degrees F, this is pretty much what winter is like in Squamish.  Up the road about 30 km and it’s all snow though!

Michael Reardon is speaking tonight in Squamish as well.  (For those of you who don’t know the name, he is a fairly well known climber in the US, mainly for his numerous solo-climbs.)  It should be interesting to hear him speak.  We saw him in the boulderfields the other day and he was really friendly and excited about all the bouldering.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Va and Ryan