Taco is sadly back down to just its two occupants.  Both Ken and Paul are now safely back in the mid-west meaning that space is once again available in Taco for people to come on out!  It is odd actually that Taco minus one person doesn’t really feel like there is all that much more roomy than Taco plus one/two person(s).

Both Ken and Paul got good weather while they were here for the most part.  Paul did spend his last climbing day in one of the hotests days we’ve seen yet but despite the non-prime conditions he was crushing everything he came across in the boudlerfield at the base of the Chief even the sloper problems where you could see his hand sweating off the holds…well, make a correction, he was crushing all problems except for the “techy”, Gastronomical.  It seems that although strength is a bonus for Gastronomical, the real key is to have teeny-tiny fingers.  Both Paul and Ryan are, “over that problem”.  Poor guys.

Ryan and I think we’ll stay here in Squamish for another week or so and next on our agenda is to head south towards Seattle, Olympics N.P., Oregon, CA and visit Big Keith all before hitting up Indian Creek, UT, in October.  We are officially back in full budget, no red ink anywhere but probably should still be careful this week as the next few are going to have quite the increase of gas consumption.  If anyone has left a message on either of our phones we’ll get to them in the next week.  Cheers everyone, hope these words find you all well.

-VA and Ryan