For the past week we’ve been having a lot of fun climbing with Ken from Ohio.  He’s been a personal trainer of sorts for us as well as super encouraging and a bit of a rope gun (ie putting up lines that are above our leading level so that we can get on them).  He has been cruising some awesome lines and surprising himself at the same time.  (See the photo album for pictures of Crime of the Century.)

 The weather “might” get a bit less sunny tomorrow with a 30% chance of rain.  Today you could feel the change in the weather system–the winds picked up dramatically and I was in 2 long sleeves as well as a fleece hat, still cold.  It, the weather shift, provided an opportunity to observe factoids from that climatology class taken years ago in undergrad.  Clouds were pushed over the water into a mountain and disappated on the other side only to reappear with the next ridge.  I swear for a good 6 hours of the day you could observe this occuring.  It was absolutely beautiful.

 Back to the subject line.  We haven’t broken Ken yet.  In truth he is closer to breaking us.  He has a continual enthusiasm for the next line that pumps you up while at the same time leave you knowing that you are going to be a bit “slow going” the following morning.  He experienced his first outdoor bouldering here in Squamish and although not a true convert, will concede that it has many fine qualities and is something that he would like to try again, and again, and again.  He is a natural at it as well, maybe that has something to do with his enthusiasm.

 Ryan is being pushed to lead harder climbs as well.  I can only imagine that this will be good.  We simulatneously try to encourage eachother but don’t want to push eachother too hard.  I mean, afterall, we do have to live in very tight quarters for the next 8 months.

 One thing though that we are all lost at…route finding.  Whether it be from the trail or on the cliff, one might say we are Team GPS.  For example, today we thought we were on one climb, only to find out from the guys in front of us that we were at least 300 meters off mark!  Yes, it was a climb we could handle but at the same time, dang ain’t that just ridiculous?!

 Okay, the night is getting late.  We’ve ended the day at the local Pub where they were having half priced pizzas (obviously, the entreprenuers here know their dirtbag clientel).  It’s pretty good and the beer is quite easy to put down after a long day of climbing.  It is also “the” climber hangout…at least on half-priced nights.  :)  So, I hope these words find everyone well.  May the road beneath your feet be smooth and may you always find your route on the first (or second) go!