The climbing around here has lived up to its reputation.  There is a job fair on Aug. 19th that Ryan is contemplating attending to see if they’ll hire him.  But I’m not sure we are ready to give up the road just yet, even though we both really like this area.

We’ve met a lot of really nice climbers and even ran into some people from the midwest-Sean and Jehana in particular. Who then introduced us to some Oregonians, Katie and Pete who have been our camping buddies for the past few nights.
The bouldering has been fun although the majority of the landings are a bit exciting with other rocks protruding in different directions.  The granite is a bit tough on the fingers and there is some good reason as to why a lot of folks climb every second day.  We figure though that roped climbing isn’t as tough on the fingers so a day roped followed by a day bouldering will only serve to toughen up those callouses.

One of the neat things about Squamish is that there are multiple areas within spitting distance of the city to climb.  One area in particular, Smoke Bluffs, abutts a local neighborhood.  (We checked and the housing prices are expensive, sigh.)  In Smoke Bluffs Ryan lead Wonderland, in which you can only see your belayer (or climber) for the first 10 feet of the climb and then they disappear around a bit of a buldge.  That climb was super fun.  It started out with a slanting finger/hand crack and terrible feet for smearing.  Ryan refused to put one foot up in the crack because it just seemed “counter intutive” and so he fought some pretty terrible smears in order to advance and place gear.  The next bit is a thin flakey crack that you get good edges on followed by another slanting crack which worked more like a “scootch along your stomach” chimney than climbing with grace crack that topped out with a wide hand/okay fist crack reminscent of Supercrack in Indian Creek (for those of you to whom that would make sense).

You can make Wonderland the 4th pitch of a route called something-like Smoke Bluff Linkup that we are going to try and get a chance to climb tomorrow.

On Wednesday we’re picking up Ken in Vancouver and will get to climb with him for 2 weeks!  Maybe with an extra person along we’ll be able to get more action shots.

Quick summary–we ❤ Squmish.  🙂