We’ve safely made it to Canada.

Crossing at the border was not uneventful. The border-people didn’t take kindly to us, either because we looked like hippies or more-likely because we are staying a month and didn’t have a hotel room booked. They were also worried about us having enough money to get back state-side and we assured them that although we aren’t 100% in budget we aren’t doing THAT badly.

Found some free camping as well that was fortunate. Our weekend arrival coincided with an annual Logger’s Festival and Blurr Film Festival so all the campsites were booked. Just for kicks we went to the Cheif campground and it was akin to being at the mall, there were people everywhere.

It seems that the free camping is still a little new as there were only 3 other tents up there and plenty of room. Maybe though the 4WD vehicle access is a bit of a deterent.
The climbing has been nice. Stayed mainly in the Chek area and did sport for two days. We’ll head to Pemberton for bouldering tomorrow. It looks like Canada may be our “strength-training” site.
Just outside of our little rest-day lunch location we can see the Cheif in all it’s wetness at the moment. It should dry quickly, according to one local since it has been so dry around here lately. It looks pretty awe-inspiring though. We’ll see how my (VA) “concern” for heights plays when we get our moment climbing on it.
Cheers and other good wishes to all.

VA and Ryan.