Here’s our general itinerary:

July-Wyoming, a family wedding in KY, and a little time in Salt Lake City, UT
August-Squamish, BC, Canada
September-Olypmic National Park and Southern California
October-Indian Creek, UT
November-Hueco Tanks, TX (a park outside of El Paso known for its bouldering.)
December-Arkansas with a trip home for the holidays
January through March- we’ll be following the weather in the southeast.

There are many other places we’d like to see but 9 months is a surprisingly short amount of time. Someday in the future we hope to go to the Northeast, New Zealand, Germany and Spain.

We are keeping the schedule open because it is nice to not have to follow a schedule. We figure, there is plenty of time in the future before retirement to follow more schedules. It is nice to get going when we want to and were we would like to, with our only detractor being the weather. There is some freely-willed scheduled time in order to meet up with friends in various locations along the way. But making time for friends doesn’t fall into that “have to” category unless you figure that we’ll “have to” get a break from one another.