In traditional Team Alpine Start fashion this website is getting started well before the crack of dawn. (Only in the sense that somewhere on this planet that statement is true.) Mainly the delay is due to most pre-trip time being spent getting ready for the trip and postponing things that could be done during the trip for during the trip.

Our adventure officially began precisely some time between our last days of employment (June 22nd for Ryan, 23rd for me) and when we actually left Kentucky on Wednesday, June 28th. Within that period we packed up the remaining bits of our apartment, dropped my car off in Cincinnati, went climbing on the Climbing Corpse’s property, got a last minute take-away-stuff-we-didn’t-know-we-had-rescue from Dave Jr., had Ryan’s electrical work in the back of the truck certified by a professional, transitioned Ryan into “stress-free mode” and got one last great send off dinner.

Ryan and I have a lot of hopes for this trip—to do some great climbing, hiking and in general, exploration of the USA. There are betting pools out there on how long we’ll last, if you’d like to join one of them let me know and I’ll try to get you into contact with the right people. I’d bet that we’ll make it the full nine months, but I’m supposed to be optimistic, right? A lot of planning has gone into this trip so I think there is a fair chance we’ll make it and by having the accountant in control of the money increased our odds.

Before going much further a few thanks need to be thrown out there:

1. Thank you to the various people who are giving home to our stuff until we return—Annie, Dave Jr. and Amy (Ryan’s sister). Believe us, we didn’t know we had that much stuff. A yard sale may be in order when we return.

2. Dr. Bob, thank you for building the bed in the back of the truck and working with Ryan on the electrical side of our set-up.

3. Wes, thanks for hosting this website so that we may keep in touch with everyone and they with us.

4. Thank you to everyone else who has seen us off on this adventure. Your input, insight generosity and friendship mean more than we can say.

5. Thanks too goes out to our parents, who didn’t kill us or write us out of their wills when we told them we were going on this life-trip, but were supportive. To be honest, we were shocked, because just when we think we have you figured out you continue to surprise us.

Overall, wish us luck, join us if you can and if you can’t, please don’t be a stranger. Let us know how you are doing by writing to us. (Just as an aside, all posts to this site won’t appear until we see them first, call us selfish.)

Ryan and VA