This is our first time working with WordPress so it is going to take some trial and error to get this site under way. Meaning, it’ll be perpetually under construction.

The categories on the right are organized as such:

Want to help keep us from starving? Please submit recipe ideas here. PB&J only go so far.

News from Home(s)
Tell us stories of your own. How are you doing?

Story Time…
…come sit down and listen to a tale or two that are largely true but may be finessed or tweaked or creatively edited as it seen pertinent by we, the story tellers.

Travel Tips
Any heads up on where we are heading? Or we may jot down head ups for where we have been. Camping, climbing, hiking, other out-door activities, internet, coffee, entertainment…

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My apologies if it is not as easliy navigable as it could be, suggestions are always welcome.

Also, the photo album will be updated slowly but hopefully more frequently as we get the hang of it.

–VA (and Ryan)